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Blocks are additional tools that allow us new functionalities. We can add this functionality through the
button. These buttons are found within the Desk section and within an Order.
Both in the Desk window and within an Order, these buttons are at the top. In the case of the Order, we must click on
. Once we click on it, we can find
button. Do the same process if you want to see all the blocks within an order.
You can add a block by clicking on
Good to know: Desk's blocks are related with general information of the workstation like Contact info or ToDo list. This may supply us any information without entering into an order.
Blocks within an Order
In the Desk window, we can find only 4 types of blocks, but we will find up to 7 types into an Order. That is because there are tools especially related with an order like itinerary tracking by geolocation, the type of the order and order info.
Type of Blocks
The block added will appear on a list on the right side of the panel. This window will help us to have a look to all the blocks and delete them directly. By the way, you will be able to hide this panel through the arrow. This arrow will appear only when you add any block.
List of Blocks