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Reminder and Events

There are several of them within the platform. We have one into an order and another into a document order.


The events work as a calendar, we register events or spaces in the calendar through
, height of order's name. Click on the icon. If is not the first, press on
. A window will open where it indicates a start and end date and time. Below, we indicate the participants who participate in this event, so we also schedule this event for them.
Create Events
Below we add a description. Press
to add or
if we want to exit.


This functions allows to remind us of some tasks or events. When we are inside the order, to open the reminder we click on the
icon, next to the Events button. Once clicked on it, a window will appear where we find a date, time and a field to fill in.
Create Reminder
Once a reminder has been created, we can create more using the
button. Press
to close this functionality.