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External members

We have 2 types of member invitations. We can invite members to our workstation or we can invite members to a specific order.
Members invited from within an order will only have admin-assigned functionality and will only have access to that order. To do this, we must be inside an order, and click on the
button, between the Block icon and the
button. A pop-up window will appear with all the members, if we have any guests. At the bottom of the window, we find the
Next, we complete the fields and indicate if the member will have permission to modify the order by selecting "Write". The role of this member is default. Press Continue.
Good to know: To give a different role, we must do it from the option to invite members, the side drop-down menu.
Next, we indicate the space in which we want to assign it. We can also give you full access to the order.
If we want to change the permission any member, click on
and click on