We can have a conversation in many spaces within our Workstation, we can do it in a Channel, in Teammates, in Connections or within Orders.

This section is very easy to use, inside an Order, just by clicking on Conversation in the right tab, we will be able to chat with the members of the order. If we want to send a message to someone, we click on the icon of the little person and select the member with whom we want to chat.

Hold up! This conversation is not the same as the one in the order. It is a specific chat for that particular document, so the messages cannot be viewed outside of this chat.


This section is very simple and works like a normal chat.

In the conversation box, at the top we have the text options. First of all we have bold, italic and strikethrough. Next we have the button to link a link, which by clicking on it we must complete 2 fields: Text (the text we want to link) and the Link. Next we have Ordered List which allows us to create an ordered list with numbers and Bulleted list which is an unordered list. We also find the Code and Code Block button below.

Unread message

It will only appear when we have a message pending to be read within the workstation. And it will appear in the left sidebar. Clicking will direct us to the place of the notification.

Scheduled message


It works as a message drafter. When we have a message written and pending to be sent and we are not in chat, it is automatically saved within the platform. So it will notify us that we have a pending message to send from the left sidebar menu.

Hold up: These last 3 sections will appear when they are pending, they do not have a special section like other functionalities.

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