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Feature is a record of a fact within the operations. With this we can inform about activities and facts within our processes to the members of an order. This information can be some specific data of a fact.
Example: Indicate the actual date of arrival of the merchandise.
To do this, click on the
button, complete the fields in the pop-up window. You have to indicate a group, a title, a category, description and the type of response we expect.
Good to know: The Select option allows us to write a series of options to select when completing the information
In this option (Select), we must press "Enter" or click on the "+" button to add the text or information.
Select option in a Feature
Once we create and enter an epic, on the left, we find the status of the epic, by clicking on Pending we can see all the states we have. We can modify the category, description and field type. Click on
to save the changes.
Status of the Feature
In the center, we have the button
at the same height. Further down we have Accept and Reject buttons. With these buttons we can confirm the veracity of the information.
Example: Real time of arrival of the merchandise: 18:20h - ✔