Members / Invitations


If we want to invite any members to the workstation that we are, we must click on workstation's name in the left panel. When we open the expandable menu, choosing "Invite people" we can see all the invitations that we done.

To invite new member, we must click on " button on the right side. Next, we must complete the fields. For that, we have to insert User First Name, User Last Name, User Email and a Role.

Good to know: make sure the email is corporate

Hold up! An invited member who is not a client or user of the platform cannot invite other members. If you want to add other members to participate in a process managed within the platform, it must be done by the client (Administrator), who is the one who invites all the agents to participate.


There are different roles into a workstation.

It has all the functionality and permissions of the platform, but is not the creator of the workspace. It has even create a new workstation.


In this panel, the user will be able to see each member's name, surname, email, contact telephone number, status (active or inactive) and role. In the same way, you will have the option to invite a new member or to edit some of its information in the same panel.

There are 4 types of views in this window. We can visualize like a Main Menu, Filters, Group by and Sort by. In the same way, we can look for any member in a "Search" field on the top, in the same line as type of views buttons.

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