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This block has the function of tasks to be carried out related to a specific order or in general. The task goes through 3 phases: ToDo, Progress and Complete.
Todo Block
To start using this functionality, click on the
icon, which is located under ToDo. Next, a small window appears where we indicate the task to be carried out. Once completed, we click on the "Add" button and then this will add to the list. Inside the task we can find 4 buttons.
  • We find the icon of 3 horizontal lines that is in the upper right part of the box, which is used to move the phase task.
  • The calendar icon is used to schedule the task on a specific date.
  • Next we find the clock icon, which has a reminder function.
  • And finally, delete a task.
ToDo Task
Good to know: To Do functionality is included in Feature and Task too.
Last modified 1yr ago