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Spaces are members who have access to an specific order. Every space plays a role, so will always be assigned to a guest member. Once we are into an order, we can add or create a space clicking on
. Then, we have to insert a name and a description. Click on
Good to know: The name can be a company, member name, any role, etc...
Once the space has been created, we can modify it using the
button. This button is at the top, in the same row as "Add Spaces". Within them we can modify the name and description, we can assign one or several epics and we may also need a document. We can do all this using the button
next to the names. At the top of the pop-up window we will be able to select Epics or Documents. When we assigned it to the member, we can manage the assignment from the button "Manage" or delete it from the button
Manage means that we can assign it to other spaces too, so these spaces can modify or complete the task, whether it's adding a result to an epic or attaching a document or etc.
Hold up! Other spaces only can view but can not manage.
You can delete the space clicking on
and pressing on
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