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These types of tools are useful when exporting or copying tables through our excel. We can add this function inside an order, we press on
. In the pop-up window that appears, we have to indicate the group to which it belongs, a title to the table and the category. Next we have several options. We can start with a new table from the beginning, we can copy and paste a table or we can import a sheet to convert it.
When we select the option to paste the table directly, a field will appear where we paste our external table. In case we select to import a file, we will have the
button. When we finish, press
Choose a file
Into a Tables, we can add rows and columns using the
button. We can also edit the columns according to the type, we have several options such as Single Line Text, Date, Number and or Boolean. When finished, press
. In the same way we can delete the column using
and edit the name of the table by clicking on
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